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Why it’s impossible to stop procrastinating

Why it’s impossible to stop procrastinating

Zara Iqbal, Opinion editor

March 31, 2019

After an exhausting day at school, we collapse onto our beds but we can’t help but dread unzipping our backpacks to take out our unfinished homework assignments — so we resort to rolling to the other side of the bed with phone in hand, scrolling through social media, laughing at YouTube videos and ...

Seven Sins: Sloth: A Mistaken Submission

Photo Illustration by Priya Reddy

Priya Reddy

January 19, 2017

  he last five hours had passed in a frenzy of typing and then retyping, counting down the minutes until it was time to submit. As she clicked the small blue submit button that would take the essay out of her hands and into her teacher’s, she glanced at the time on the corner of her laptop screen. There were har...