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Going Clubbing: Table Tennis

Going Clubbing: Table Tennis

Justin Kim

December 17, 2015

very Friday at lunch, the door to B106 opens to let out a folded table that, when unfolded, stretches nine feet long and five feet wide. After attaching a 6-inch tall net to the table, the balls start flying and the games begin. The Table Tennis Club recruits members of all experience levels and explains...

Q&A: PE teacher Jeffrey Thomas searching for new ping-pong equipment

Aditi Desai

November 21, 2014

El Estoque sits down with PE teacher Jeffrey Thomas to discuss the equipments necessary for potentially creating a new ping-pong unit. El Estoque: Why do you need ping pong tables? Jeffrey Thomas: We have a racquet sports class, and we wanted to offer another activity. Even though ping pong it's...