El Estoque

1600 to 600 square feet

A picture of Edd Grubb mowing his lawn in the San Mateo Times. Although Martin was embarrassed about living in East Palo Alto, her husband wasn't. Used with permission by Emiliana Martin.

Shuyi Qi

June 22, 2014

[title type="h5"]For incoming sophomore Pierre Grubb, the story of overcoming adversity is “when shit hits the fan, laugh at it.”[/title] [divider type=""]                                                Pierre Grubb at our first interview in his house during the beg...

Year in Review: Reflection on MV Saturday Night Live


May 24, 2014

Drama students look back on their changes since their first performance this year in MVSNL. Read More »...

SAT Redesign

Alina Abidi

April 9, 2014

Starting from the spring of 2016, students will take a new version of the SAT. This version will feature an optional essay, a grading scale from 400 to 1600 and a math section with three focuses that College Board has deemed more relevant to students. In addition, there will be no penalty for wrong an...