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Feathered friends

Senior Jessica Ji with her pet chicken Evil

Jahan Razavi and Chelsea Wong

April 10, 2019

Struggle “I got you chickens” was all it took for senior Jessica Ji to spring up in bed early in the morning. Her father’s attempt to wake her had become a running joke between the two of them, always teasing her with the possibility of owning her most desired pets: chickens. Ji had always had a strange c...

A Man’s Best Friend: The use of pet therapy

A Man’s Best Friend: The use of pet therapy

Shuvi Jha

April 13, 2018

ith finals and AP exams just lurking around the corner, springtime can be quite stressful for MVHS students. Knowing this, the Bring Change 2 Mind Club is currently exploring various stress-relieving activities to help lighten the school atmosphere, with one of the prominent proposals being the use o...

Lost: Their last goodbyes

Lost: Their last goodbyes

Anjana Melvin

January 25, 2016

We lose things every day: glasses, keys, homework, money. As time goes by, we lose old friends and memories. We lose possessions. We lose relationships. But nothing quite tugs on the heartstrings like the loss of a pet— our constant companions, our very best friends. While some students had time to...

Teachers and their dogs

Teachers and their dogs

Claire Lu

April 25, 2014

1. Biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever Name: Koochook Age: 5 years old   One of biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian’s first memories of Koochook was not pleasant — when he met his fiancée for the first time to get breakfast, Hajjarian remembers loo...

Enter the wild side

Varsha Venkat

December 17, 2012

Students share stories of their unconventional pets. Read More »