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Charged with senioritis

Charged with senioritis
April 10, 2013

A prior goody two-shoes gets caught red-handed mid-snooze When I was a junior in Kavita Gupta's AP Chemistry class, I was forced to watch my senior classmates be eaten alive by senioritis. Once...

CAUTION: Grandma behind the wheel

CAUTION: Grandma behind the wheel
November 19, 2012

  You know you live a sad life when you have to wait in the Bus Circle until 5 p.m. for your parents to pick you up while all your friends simply zip off in their own cars to go home, to Chipotle...

Grandpa Kurnool, where art thou?

WHAT!?! Soumya Kurnool is in a relationship! But that's only supposed to happen after she scrubs the toilet with a toothbrush... Illustration by Shuyi Qi.
October 26, 2012

Relationships have never been of interest to me. On my list of priorities, I'd say they're just below scrubbing the toilet with a toothbrush. In fact some people have told me that I must be asexual due...

17, going on 71

17, going on 71
September 28, 2012

I'll fess up. I lied. Last year, I fooled you all with my column "No Country for Old Women." I told you all I was a grandma, that I was notoriously old-fashioned and was totally out of the loop...

Welcome, young fountain hopper

Welcome, young fountain hopper
May 29, 2012

Writing about my old fashioned sensibilities in this column has come to the point where my parents (or my dad, anyhow) are genuinely afraid of how college will turn out for me. And now that I think...

Grandma’s day out

My facial expression tells all. Four days in New York have taught me that New York is no city for old women. Illustration by Angela Liu.
April 11, 2012

When the idea of a four day field trip to New York City was posed to me, I had my qualms. Should I seize the day or just stay home? I opted for a day out. Too much time in Times Square New York...

Out of touch with the iPod Touch

Although it may seem simple and streamlined, the reality is that the iPod Touch is no less complicated than a jumbled up Rubix Cube. Good luck figuring this one out. Photo Illustration by Angela Liu.
December 7, 2011

The hype these days is The Phone. The iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, whatever. However, considering the fact that they cost an arm and a leg, I do not see anyone lending me one to tinker with anytime soon. So...

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