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Microfinance Club teaches students and serves international communities

Microfinance Club Officers

Varsha Venkat

November 24, 2013

New special interest club combines business and service skills to help entrepreneurs from impoverished countries. Read More »...

Changes made to Homecoming Food Drive

Changes made to Homecoming Food Drive

Athira Penghat

October 5, 2012

The Homecoming Food Drive officially started on Oct. 3, and several changes were made this year in order to resolve issues that occurred in previous years. For example, food may only be donated to the bins located in Portable 1 in order to prevent classes from stealing each others’ donations. Additionally,...

VIDEO: Class officers collaborate for Mother’s Day fundraiser

VIDEO: Class officers collaborate for Mother's Day fundraiser

Sara Yang

May 14, 2012

From about noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday, they tackled the tasks at hand: purchasing vases, peeling the stickers from their glass bottoms; buying bunches of roses, carnations and baby’s breath, snipping the stems; compiling addresses and routes before congregating at 7 a.m. to deliver flowers on...

Little Italy deemed successful by class of 2015

Little Italy deemed successful by class of 2015

Sara Yang

April 7, 2012

    Friday afternoon, a little over an hour after the end of seventh period, the campus had mostly emptied itself of students. But the freshman class officers scurried through the rally court, moving tables, setting up the speaker system and running to catch the stack of boxed salads before the packages toppled to the ground. The class of 2015 held a joint fundraiser and class bonding event in the rally court on April 6 ...