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To all the sports Ive done before: Cross country

To all the sports I’ve done before: Cross country

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor January 11, 2022
How I learned to enjoy sports without pressure

Behind MVXC’s Success

Rucha Soman November 24, 2019

For the past nine years, MVXC has been qualifying for the Central Coast Section Championship (CCS). Coach Kirk Flatow attributes the success to the kind of kids MV has. He believes that running comes from...

Comparing Costs

Comparing Costs

Rucha Soman and Swara Tewari October 23, 2019

Running: $65* Junior Rohan Agrawal explains that the cost of participating in both cross country and track and field isn’t too high, and he says it’s worth it. Agrawal adds that although the...

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