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The Ghosted movie poster features Ana de Armas (playing Sadie Rhodes) on top of Chris Evans (playing Cole Turner) as an explosion takes place behind them.

‘Ghosted’ is yet another generic action film

Aashi Venkat April 26, 2023
Though the movie has potential, it ultimately disappoints with its writing and production
General Nanisca gets ready to charge in the battlefield. Picture used with permission from TriStar Pictures

‘The Woman King’ delivers both action and heart in a solid Hollywood Blockbuster

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury, Staff Writer September 19, 2022

As a group of men drink whiskey around a campfire, they hear a rustling in the grassy fields and are met by several armed women, led by General Nanisca, played by Viola Davis. “The Woman King,” which...

The Batman investigates a crime scene and searches for clues. Photo | Warner Bros.

‘The Batman’ is a nuanced take on a classic character

Nameek Chowdhury March 11, 2022

As the bat-signal looms over a Halloween night, “The Batman” plunges audiences into Gotham City’s underbelly. Directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, the film released...

Paul Atreides trains to eventually take his fathers place. Photo courtesy of Legendary and Warner Bros.

‘Dune’ attempts too much at once

Nameek Chowdhury November 3, 2021

More of a fantasy-based hero’s journey than a science fiction piece, Oscar-winning director Denis Villeneuve tackles the first half of Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” into a film adaptation which...

Poster art from Over the Moon showcases the films animation style and elements from the plot.

‘Over the Moon,’ shines in its graphics, soundtrack and storytelling

Vivian Jiang October 28, 2020
The visually stunning musical adventure, starring MV alumnae Cathy Ang, takes a modern twist on a traditional Chinese legend
Creed 2 movie poster. Photo taken without permission from IMBD.

‘Creed 2’ review: An outstanding continuation of the ‘Rocky’ franchise

Anish Vasudevan November 27, 2018

After “Creed 1” hit theatres in 2015 and soared through the box office ratings, racking up over $170 million in earnings, a sequel was apparent. As the fifth installment of the “Rocky” franchise,...

Duo Review: “Black Panther”

Duo Review: “Black Panther”

Ruth Feng and Chelsea Wong February 18, 2018
Drawing a full crowd, Marvel’s latest blockbuster is breathtaking and revolutionary
 Daniel Craig flies an aircraft in an intense action sequence to save Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). Eye-capturing action scenes are one reason to watch the new James Bond release.  Source: The Official James Bond 007 Website

Spectre: Gripping beginning and end, but middle pales in comparison

Neha Patchipala November 8, 2015
James Bond movie excels in action, but fails to deliver an interesting plot

MOVIE: ‘Vampire Academy’ doesn’t suck

Tanisha Dasmunshi February 10, 2014
The mixture of witty high school comedy and supernatural horror makes for a messy but strangely hilarious flick.
“Hangover III” inspires highs in some, headaches in others

“Hangover III” inspires highs in some, headaches in others

Ankita Tejwani May 29, 2013
Hangover III’s take on the series’ classic crude humor toes the line between unapologetic and overdone.
The family side

The family side

Tiffany Lau November 23, 2009

"The Blind Side", based on the true life story of football player Michael Oher, does not fall under the typical teen movie From the trailer, it was obvious which direction the movie would...

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