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Lincoln-Douglas debate reaches KMS students

At the end of the Dec. 7 meeting, seniors Sokena Zaidi and Michelle Jiang and sophomore Ashutosh Jindal gather the Kennedy Middle School students to summarize the lesson on value criteria. Lincoln-Douglass debaters have begun teaching at KMS every Wednesday since the beginning of October to familiarize middle schoolers with LD concepts and critical thinking skills prior to entering high school. Photo by Lisa Zhang.
December 9, 2011

“Was Warren Buffett ever poor?” “I don’t know, he’s been rich for so long no one remembers.” As soon as the door opens, lively discussions of rich...

Key and Kennedy

Key and Kennedy
March 2, 2010

 Key Club members participate in homework tutoring for Kennedy Middle School students Key Club has been giving keys to Kennedy Middle School students — homework help keys....

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