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FBLA collaboration launches “Pledge 2 Recycle”

Anushka Patil

January 16, 2012

“Two to the left; two to the right.” That is the motto FBLA’s Partnership with Business project is using to encourage students to promote their new textile recycling program, by asking at least two neighbors on the left and two on the right to fill out pledge forms with contact information. Thos...

FBLA members visit Adobe on Dec. 8

FBLA members play with touchscreen televisions at the offices of Adobe Systems on Dec. 8. The business club regularly tours large companies to let members experience the workplace environment. Photo used with permission of Keshav Santhanam.

Anushka Patil

December 11, 2011

On Dec. 8, FBLA added Adobe Systems to the long list of companies that they have toured. FBLA’s Public Relations officer and Director of Partnership with Businesses junior Keshav Santhanam organized the hour-long after-school tour. The goal of the tours is to bring members to large companies and...

Interact and FBLA hold clothes drive starting Nov. 7

Clothing donations lie in the office’s box for the clothes drive organized by Interact and FBLA. Donations will be given to Seventh Generation Recycling, a local company that distributes and recycles new and used clothing. Photo by Carissa Chan.

Carissa Chan

November 14, 2011

Two clubs on campus, Interact and FBLA’s Partnership with Business project, are holding a used clothes drive to benefit local communities. The clubs are working closely with Seventh Generation Recycling, a company that distributes clothes in good condition to low-income families in the Bay Area...