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Cupertino bans plastic bags

Cupertino bans plastic bags

Jady Wei

October 25, 2013

On April 26, 2011, in a 4 to 1 approval, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to ban single-use disposable plastic bags and impose a fifteen-cent fee on reusable paper bags. The ban became effective on Jan. 1, 2012. While the policy has been in effect in neighboring cities such as ...

Different perspectives on parent teachers

Jady Wei

October 21, 2013

Students are mentored by their parents at home, but how many parents actually teach their children at school? At MVHS, some teachers have had the experience of teaching their own children –– like math teacher Martin Jennings who taught precalculus to two of his children and is currently teaching...

Meetings help seniors complete Secondary School Reports

The Matadors fight for the ball against Cupertino High School while on CHS’ side. This season, the Matadors focused on going back to the basics of fundamental water polo, refining their passing, scoring and defense techniques. Photo by Shriya Bhindwale.

Jady Wei

September 25, 2013

It’s that time of the year again: As college-bound seniors work on polishing and perfecting their college applications, the school is providing annual informational meetings regarding a key part of the application process, the Secondary School Reports. This year, more SSR information sessions are be...

New Dean of Students joins administrative staff

New Dean of Students, Leslie Robledo, has already personalized her new office with a Raiders logo and a few posters. After 21 years of working as a teacher across the nation, Robledo is excited to kick off her new administrative role. Photo by Jady Wei.

Jady Wei

August 22, 2013

As the Oakland Raiders kick off their new season, so does their longtime fan and season ticket holder, Leslie Robledo. Robledo, however, will not be participating in sports but rather in the field of education. Leslie Robledo has recently joined the MVHS office administration as Dean of Students. For 21 years, Robledo has not only dedicated herself to e...