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Intramural Ultimate Frisbee: Quarterfinals

Intramural Ultimate Frisbee: Quarterfinals

Kalpana Gopalkrishnan

April 21, 2015

The Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Tournament continued with the quarterfinals on April 21. With two fifteen-minute games, teams Chang Dynasty and GG RIP progressed to the semifinals. Monta Vista Squad vs. GG RIP (6-2 GG RIP) Although the primarily freshmen Monta Vista Squad had arrived at the quarterfi...

Intramural Basketball day 2

Amol Pande

April 1, 2014

Todays feature game is between go ham or go home and Ashwin and the sexy 7 Tomorrow is the bye for Intramural Basketball.

Mv Intramural Basketball 2014 day 1

Amol Pande

March 31, 2014

Team Nae Nae and Team CYNE played in today's feature game. The games continue in the Monta Vista Field House