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Senior Daniel Kao and his family taking a selfie at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day.

A twist on tradition

Claire Wen and Vivian Jiang December 17, 2020
Sharing the different ways that MVHS students celebrate winter holidays
A close up shot of a

Acknowledging Cultural Celebrations

Abdullah Memon, Aditya Shukla, and Justin E Kim December 5, 2020
The MVHS administration’s stance on cultural awareness and reducing workload for traditionally celebrated holidays

A COVID celebration

Mikaylah Du, staff writer December 5, 2020
Exploring what MVHS students and their families did for Thanksgiving
Junior Roya Ahmadi shares her home celebration of Persian New Year on Instagram.

COVID-19 changes religious and cultural rituals

Shivani Gupta and Robert Liu April 2, 2020
Shelter-in-place brings cultural and religious activities to a standstill
Barbie Day: The evolution of a childhood icon

Barbie Day: The evolution of a childhood icon

Emily Xia March 12, 2020
A timeline of the changes the popular doll has undergone

50 Questions with Bonnie Belshe

Hannah Lee and Shuvi Jha January 7, 2020

nspired by Vogue’s video series ‘73 Questions,’ El Estoque sits down with U.S. History teacher Bonnie Belshe to ask her 50 questions. Belshe describes what she loves most about the holiday season,...

I’m sick of this s—. Illustration by Kamyar Moradi

Vol. Two: Halloween

Kamyar Moradi October 25, 2019
Why I believe Halloween is detrimental to society
The typical

The crossroads of food and religion in the month of April

Flora Peng April 23, 2019

Readily-available Easter renditions of adorable baby animals and the declining diets of students overwhelmed by approaching exams are not the only contributors to fluctuation in food consumption during...

The fading green of St. Patrick’s Day

The fading green of St. Patrick’s Day

Tyler Cho, Staff Writer March 18, 2019

Step out into the streets of nearly any major U.S. city on March 17, and you’ll be greeted with seas of green — people jumping around in leprechaun outfits or clad head to toe in green. It is a day...

Ringing in a new year

Ringing in a new year

Charlotte Chui and Annie Zhang February 12, 2019

lates of delicacies are passed around, ranging from spongy airy Chinese cakes dubbed “Fa Gao” to pan-fried traditional Korean dumplings. These are just a few foods commonly eaten during Lunar New Year,...

Make or break

Make or break

Laasya Koduru and Brian Xu December 18, 2018

By Thursday, Nov. 15, smoke from Camp Fire had reached Cupertino and elevated its air quality index above 200. Air quality tracking websites such as AirNow.gov consider an index above 200 “very unhealthy.”...

Cherishing Christmas: Comparing holiday traditions now to those of previous years

Cherishing Christmas: Comparing holiday traditions now to those of previous years

Emily Xia December 17, 2018
The change I've experienced in Christmas traditions over the years
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