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Vol. Three: Fantasy sports

I’m sick of this s—. Illustration by Kamyar Moradi

Kamyar Moradi

December 22, 2019

Why I believe fantasy sports are detrimental to society

Analyzing the newest club on campus: Sports Analytics

Senior Karthik Guruvayurappan (far left) introduces Sports Analytics Club at their first meeting on Nov. 1.  Photo by Roshan Fernandez.

Roshan Fernandez, Anish Vasudevan, and Ankit Gupta

November 7, 2018

ports and math — the two topics that seniors Karthik Guruvayurappan and Vishnu Palaniappan combined when forming Sports Analytics Club. This new club is a way for students to analyze and discuss statistics that appear throughout sports via a common medium — fantasy sports. After being approved by ...

Fantasy Land: Students and staff share passion for fantasy sports

Fantasy Land: Students and staff share passion for fantasy sports

Roshan Fernandez

November 15, 2017

ome people see sports on a TV screen as the end of their viewing experience. Others head out to the stadium decked in team apparel. And then there are those who take it into their own hands and monitor players’ every move to immerse themselves into the competitive atmosphere beyond the game itself...

Fantasy Sports Breakdown

Fantasy Sports Breakdown

Priya Reddy

November 15, 2017

As the NFL season progresses, fans are looking forward to seeing which players will play well this year. But their hopes do not come purely from being pro-sports enthusiasts. People now cross their fingers for their favorite players as their play during the season will determine the status of their f...