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English teacher Hannah Gould named new drama teacher

English teacher Hannah Gould named new drama teacher

Gauri Kaushik

May 13, 2019

s sophomore Naomi Yin filed into the black box theater along with her fellow drama students during tutorial on Friday, her jaw dropped in surprise when she was met by not only their long-term substitute teacher Jeffrey Adams, but also by Principal Ben Clausnitzer and her World Literature teacher Hannah...

Administration reinforces ‘no grading by teacher assistants’ policy

Most of the TA duties listed in the FUHSD student assistance policy sheet are clerical tasks like answering the telephone and delivering messages; anything that involves viewing another student’s record is forbidden. However, despite the rules, most teachers allow their TAs to grade papers. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Shuyi Qi

December 4, 2013

  After TA discusses student’s grade, administration addresses the controversy regarding TA’s duties. Read More »...