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Xenophobia in the music industry

Korean-pop group BTS broke into the American music industry the past couple years
Entertainment award shows discriminate against non-English speaking artists
February 7, 2020
Entertainment award shows discriminate against non-English speaking artists

Positivity Podcast Ep. 1: Democratic debates

Graphic | Oishee Misra
Exploring the positives in the democratic debates
September 22, 2019

t’s easy to resign to dismay while attempting to stay informed about the latest news around the globe. That’s why opinion editors Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Oishee Misra discuss the silver linings that...

Glorified victimization

Glorified victimization
Privileged individuals shouldn’t try to act oppressed
May 5, 2019

One day, as I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I came across a tweet that included these Instagram screenshots:                     If...

Gender inequality binds men and women to limiting gender roles

Gender stereotypes outline modes of behavior for men and women, often not leaving enough room for people to explore options outside their gender norms. Images courtesy of thenounproject.org creative commons.
September 23, 2014

I remember standing in line outside the movie theater, clad in my Gryffindor robes, waiting for the doors to open and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two to begin. I remember waiting restlessly...

When did equality become so radical?

October 7, 2012

When we were deciding the special report topic for this issue, we initially shied away from calling it feminism. Concerns were raised that the word would alienate a large part of the student body — but...

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