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On Nov. 19, students and parents gathered in the auditorium to watch the movie Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience. Photo by Michelle Chen

PTSA: Adult outlooks on teenage mental health

Michelle Chen December 3, 2019
Comprehending parent and expert strategies for and opinions on the topic of teenage stress
Graphic by Annie Zhang

Clinical psychologist Holly Marie-Arce breaks down the differences between depression and sadness

Rachel Jiang and Annie Zhang November 21, 2019
Investigating the differences between "synonymous" terminologies
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Lone Ranger: A factor for depression

Rachel Jiang November 5, 2019
Investigating the connection between mental illness and individualism promoted by our community
Sleep deprivation is a common problem across FUHSD schools.

Stressing the numbers

Anoop Iyer, Robert Liu, and Sean Yagi August 26, 2019
Exploring the results of wellness surveys in recent years
The illness of sickly beautification: romanticizing mental health

The illness of sickly beautification: romanticizing mental health

Annie Zhang April 27, 2019

omanticization is a complexity — it unveils the allure in beliefs that are less than ideal. Series of “cute and psycho” posts on Tumblr and flurries of quotes bunched under the “pretty and dying”...

Through the tunnel

Through the tunnel

December 17, 2018

Searching for answers: Googles new questionnaire helps those with depression

Searching for answers: Google’s new questionnaire helps those with depression

Nathan Stevens September 15, 2017

t’s hard to believe the first month of school is already over. With North Korea and the U.S. on the verge of a nuclear war just a week before white supremacists paraded the streets of Charlottesville,...

13 reasons why this show matters

13 reasons why this show matters

Becca Zheng May 8, 2017

uicide, depression, bullying and sexual assault is ultimately how “13 Reasons Why” found itself in the spotlight of the entertainment industry, attracting a mix of both positive and negative perspectives...

On the other side

On the other side

Maya Murthy October 23, 2015

Story written by Maya Murthy and Caitlyn Tjong he was told she was fortunate to have beautiful, flawless skin. She was told that those who'd been in accidents had no choice with their scars, their burns,...

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