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The Right Move: history teacher David Hartford’s love for board games

History teacher David Hartford playing the board game Stone Age in his classroom. Hartford tries to incorporate board games into his classroom when possible.

Stuti Upadhyay

December 19, 2019

Exploring David Hartford's journey getting exposed to and growing to love board games

English teachers come together to promote equity in classrooms

English teachers from all five FUHSD high schools gather at the Quinlan Community Center to learn about equity and social justice in their classrooms

Tanish Mendki

October 21, 2019

English teachers of FUHSD attend sessions in order to learn how to help their students in a way that benefits them

Taylor Swift sexual assault case sparks student support for women’s rights

Taylor Swift sexual assault case sparks student support for women's rights

Michelle Wong

August 18, 2017

Additional reporting by Himani Yalamaddi ccording to US magazine, Taylor Swift's sexual assault incident with DJ David Mueller from 2013 has resurfaced as Swift responded to Mueller's three million dollar lawsuit for allegedly causing him to be fired from his job. She decided to issue a counter sue ...

Boys basketball bounces back

Boys basketball bounces back

Patrick Mi

January 12, 2010

 Varsity boys basketball cut it close in their first league game of the year   Read More »...