El Estoque

Senior Harshitha Pandian dances during her arangetram in 2017. Photo courtesy of Harshitha Pandian | Used with Permission

A day of dancing

Gauri Manoj May 21, 2021
Indian classical dancers discuss the preparation and execution of their arangetrams
Playing the Erhu

Playing the Erhu

Jai Uparkar and Tyler Cho October 24, 2018

he erhu, a two-stringed musical instrument which is more commonly known as the Chinese violin, was created during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 C.E.). Considered one of the most popular Chinese musical instrument,...

Music: David Garrett rocks to the classics

Music: David Garrett rocks to the classics

Dickson Tsai August 27, 2010

     David Garrett’s new release, “Rock Symphonies”, appeals to rock and classical listeners         The debate between...

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