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Leadership reflects on this year’s Homecoming week

Leadership reflects on this year's Homecoming week

Michelle Wong

October 28, 2016

Three weeks have passed since the chaos and fun of Homecoming week have come to a close. This year, Leadership decided to try something completely different instead of traditional Quad Decs: skits. While skits are done every year for Homecoming at other schools in the district such as Cupertino HS a...

2017 class officers reflect on progress made first semester

2017 class officers reflect on progress made first semester

Aanchal Garg

December 16, 2015

ith the semester coming to an end and the holiday season arriving, El Estoque asked 2017 secretary Maddie Park and treasurer Alex Maertens to recap what happened this past semester, including homecoming and multiple fundraisers, as well as their plans for the new year, mainly junior prom. El Estoque:...

2014 – 2015 Class Officers announced

Class office candidates including junior Priscilla Phua, who was elected as senior class President, posted photos as promotion on Facebook. The results were announced today via an email sent to the student body by Assistant Principal and Leadership advisor Mike White. Used with permission of Priscilla Phua.

Varsha Venkat

April 3, 2014

After a week of campaigning, class office results are revealed. Read More »

Alternate model of student government rejected

Alternate model of student government rejected

Varada Gavaskar

April 1, 2009

https://www.elestoque.org/2010/images/stories/NewsImages/jocelyn.jpg   This year's elections for the ASB and class officer groups have stuck to the status quo in electing candidates to specific officer positions, despite recent deliberations surrounding an alternate model of student government.   ...