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Bay Area Christian youth hold United In Christ praise night

High school students gather around and pray for Valley Church youth pastor Craig Stephens at the tail end of the event.

Tyler Cho

November 25, 2019

Students speak about their experiences at the 2019 UIC Praise Night

The crossroads of food and religion in the month of April

The typical

Flora Peng

April 23, 2019

Readily-available Easter renditions of adorable baby animals and the declining diets of students overwhelmed by approaching exams are not the only contributors to fluctuation in food consumption during April—some of the most widely observed holidays from a variety of religions also take place during...

Father God, take my burdens

Father God, take my burdens

Tyler Cho, Staff Writer

March 31, 2019

Stretching my legs out in front of me, I was greeted by the familiar creaks and pops of my stiff knees and ankles as my bones ground together to get into a more comfortable position. I tried to ignore the burning ache in my back, fighting desperately to keep my attention on the pastor speaking in front...

Religion and tradition: Take me to church

Religion and tradition: Take me to church

Itay Barylka

October 22, 2015

The flip of pages in a prayer book. Voices singing joyously in unison. The sound of wine being poured into a glass. The fervent call to action from a religious leader. The sound,or lack thereof, of people simply meditating. Among the massive industrial sprawl that is the headquarters and office buildin...