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Q&A: Career Center remodeling

Career Center liaison, Le-Xuan Cao, answered the question of a student regarding college applications. The Career Center is the best place for attaining information apropos of colleges.
December 13, 2014

Home to volumes of educational manuals and college preparation resources, the Career Center has long been one of the most frequented sites on campus. Students across all grades congregate in this intimate...

College rejection and acceptance board creates negative attitude among students

The Career Center’s college rejection and acceptance board came into creation after the proposal of a rejection wall was denied. Although it was created with good intentions, ultimately it perpetuates a failure-focused outlook among the student body. Photo by Soumya Kurnool.
May 18, 2013

In 2010, a rejection wall on which students could post the colleges they were rejected from was proposed. After the the proposal was blocked by administration in because it would potentially cause students...

‘College Denials’ list up in the Career Center

The whiteboard in the Career Center is crammed with the names of colleges from around the nation. To the left of the board is the traditional college acceptances list that Career Center Liaison Miriam Taba has maintained for the past seven years. To the right is the college denials list that Taba has just started this year. Photo by Soumya Kurnool.
April 28, 2013

After failed attempts at creating a wall of college rejection letters at MVHS, college denials are now documented alongside college acceptances. Each fall for the past seven years, the whiteboard...

Careers are not set in stone

ARTTEC Inc. came with the intention to talk to MVHS about the ARTTEC program. ARTTEC is a program that allows high school students to have hands-on experience with lighting, music recording, and film production for a fee of $25 a year. Photo by Stephanie Chang.
November 3, 2011

In a room meant to hold over 70 people, only three students occupied the seats: one reporter, another reporter, and a student that came wandering by for somewhere to sit during his empty period. On...

Students unaware of Career Center’s potential

Every year, over 70 admission officers come from across the country to give MVHS students more information about their college. A University of Rochester representative Mark Wells talks to seniors Benjamin Hong and Eileen Wa and four other students about transportation, financial aid, and the curriculum at University of Rochester. College representative meetings are just one of the many events and resources that the Career Center offers. Photo by Stephanie Chang.
October 17, 2011

You have an open second. The library happens to be closed. What do you do? Off to the Career Center it is! The Career Center, a small office located at the foot of the A-building, was primarily...

Students adjust to open period card requirement

Sophomores Sneha Bolineni and Sai Morramreddi watch as a class enters the library during fourth period. Although they have yellow cards, they are unable to enter as the library is only open to classes this week. Photo by Angela Liu.
September 10, 2011

Whether it is for doing homework or hanging out, the library is a popular spot for students during free periods. But since Sept. 4, yellow open period cards have become necessary in order to enter...

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