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Bring Change to Mind’s 2019 California Summit

Students participated in discussion with one another about mental health awareness techniques || Used with permission from Daniel Duan

Devin Gupta

December 12, 2019

Bring Change to Mind attends a conference about spreading mental health awareness and personal wellbeing

Bring Change to Mind: The founding and purpose

Used from Website

Devin Gupta

October 26, 2019

Objectives behind the Bring Change to Mind organization efforts to make an impact on students’ mental health

How to make stress balls

How to make stress balls

Jai Uparkar

March 10, 2018

he Bring Change to Mind Club decided to make homemade stress balls during lunch on March 8. In hopes of ending the stigma around mental health and reducing the increasing stress levels of MVHS students, the club decided to organize an activity for MVHS students. Look at the gifs below to see the step by ...