BC2M brings farm animals to campus

Bring Change to Mind Club hosts farm animals at school to relieve stress before finals

Prisha Tiwari, Features Editor

With finals week quickly approaching, Bring Change to Mind partnered with Animal Assisted Happiness to bring animals such as goats, bunnies, hamsters and chickens in order to alleviate stress during lunch in the rally court on Dec. 6. The company provides mobile visits of barnyard animals and hopes to create “moments of joy and happiness” among youth. 

Senior and Bring Change to Mind President Aishwarya Manoj explains that the goal of the visit was to help “students feel a little more at ease before exams” and to “take some time during their busy days to relax and connect with the farm animals.” 

“We know that stress levels for students are very high, not just because of things like test anxiety, but also because of parental pressure,” Manoj said. “Students tend to prioritize studying over taking breaks to recharge, sleeping enough and eating healthy. Many people enjoyed petting the rabbits and goats and the mood on campus was a lot more lively. I’m glad that we were able to help students get their mind off things, even for a short while, through partaking in a fun activity.”