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Musical Musings: Popular culture

Musical Musings: Popular culture

Ilena Peng

April 6, 2016

eople wearing purple and gold clothes, purple and gold face paint, and holding purple and gold posters on sticks with catchy slogans; this is what students now see all around campus. But as much attention as the posters draw, they really don’t make a difference in who wins. True; those in class offi...

ASB officers for 2013-2014 school year announced

Junior Colin Kim allows students to sign his campaign poster. After three days of campaigning, ASB officers were announced on March 21. Photo by Mihir Joshi.

Athira Penghat

March 21, 2013

President: Marisa Yang Vice President: Leon Chen Treasurer: Timothy Kuo Secretary: Tijani Karaborni Social Manager: Colin Kim IDC Representative: Rishi Modi Sriya Srinath will serve on the ASB team and has already been selected as the FUHSD Student Board Representative....

Meet the candidates

Meet the candidates

Kriti Garg

April 1, 2010

ASB officer candidates for the 2010-2011 school year talk about their goals and plans for next year  Read More »...