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Who are today’s legends?

Queen - live show in Houston 1977

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Tabitha Mendez

March 4, 2019

Which is better, music now or music of the past? This has always been an ongoing argument between my dad and I — especially in the car when we rush to reach for the aux cord, determining who gets to play their music for that ride. As we drive blasting Queen’s “Radio Gaga” from the car speakers, ...

The music never ends: Remembering SHINee member Jonghyun

Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

Claire Yang

February 2, 2018

The release of SHINee Jonghyun’s album after his passing

Artists of MVHS

Artists of MVHS

Aanchal Garg

March 8, 2017

Art. Just one word encompasses so many different styles and methods. Art can mean creating a new recipe, sketching a TV show character or even painting your nails. MVHS has artists all around campus who showcase their work on different platforms. Read through the stories to find out more about four stud...

Community bonds over artwork at the annual Art and Wine Festival

Community bonds over artwork at the annual Art and Wine Festival

Ilena Peng

September 23, 2016

or a festival that has the word “wine” in it, the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival certainly doesn’t sound like the most kid-friendly event. But instead of drunk adults stumbling about, there are art enthusiasts, families and teenagers meandering through Santa Clara’s Central Park, munching on s...