El Estoque

2016-2017 Staff

Claire Chang

Claire Chang is a senior at Monta Vista and is the print features editor for El Estoque. Before she was a features editor, she was both a multimedia and print news editor. She runs for the school's cross country and track teams...

Vivian Chiang

Vivian is a third year staff writer and former Features and Opinion editor on El Estoque. In her free time, she likes to make videos, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Akshara Majjiga

Akshara Majjiga is a senior and third year staff member for El Estoque. She has formerly served as Managing Editor and Sports Editor.

Katerina Pappas

Katerina Pappas is a staff writer at El Estoque and a former Features editor. They are a senior at Monta Vista and in their free time they like to listen to music and watch movies. Their favorite artists include Brockhampton and...

Chelsea Wong

Chelsea Wong is a currently a senior and a beats editor for El Estoque. She is a movie buff and would discuss about anything and anybody that is nominated for any year of the Oscars.

Himani Yalamaddi

Himani is a senior at MVHS and a second-year staff member. She enjoys trying new things, going to different places and being outdoors.