Cupertino Library expansion finishes

Renovations on the first and second story open to the public


Sarah Liu

The community room on the second floor overlooks the redwood trees surrounding the back of the library.

Sarah Liu

On Saturday, April 30, the Cupertino Library expansion project opened to the public. The renovations include large community rooms, study spaces and other multi-purpose spaces connected to the previously existing library. In addition, sliding partitions used to combine or separate rooms, new bathrooms and a donor wall in the courtyard were also added to the building. 

Cupertino Community Librarian Clare Varesio notes that because there are a lack of places to sit during busy days, the new multi-purpose spaces can provide “more tables and chairs for people studying quietly or maybe people working in a group that need a place to gather.” 

She also points out some unique features of the library expansion, such as its bird-safe windows and the new art on a courtyard wall that depicts the redwood trees behind the library. Most of all, she is excited about the new meeting rooms where the library can host more programs or students can meet for clubs or study groups.  

“Being able to support our students and people who are learning is super exciting for us,” Varesio said. “Whether it’s poetry, children’s storytime, music or an informational lecture on a specific topic, this new space [will] allow us to help people learn and discover and find something new, which is really what we’re all about as the library. We like to share information. We like people to learn new things.”