Taking an inside look at Challenge Day

A timeline of activities throughout Challenge Day and the impact it left on participants


Angela Zhang

While sitting on the gym floor during Challenge Day, students played a game in which the objective was to keep a giant volleyball in the air.

Angela Zhang

“[Challenge Day] is an experience,” school-based therapist Richard Prinz said. “It’s so emotional, [yet people] go and they want to go again. It’s a workshop for challenging ourselves to become more real, drop our waterline and not just put on a face but be more open with each other [to] develop empathy and community.”

For the first time in two years, MVHS hosted its 13th Challenge Day on April 13. With 75 students, 10 teen leaders, and 24 teachers, parents and staff members attending, Challenge Day aimed to encourage emotional openness and foster deep connections between participants. Explore the timeline below to get an inside look at the event.