Boys Soccer defeats Milpitas High School 6-1 on its senior night

Seniors reflect on their final game with the team and look towards the future


Krish Dev

The Matadors and their friends from the crowd pose for a picture after their win.

On Tuesday, Feb. 15, the Varsity Boys Soccer team won 6-1 against Milpitas High School on its senior night. The team started the game with strong offensive play, scoring its fourth goal with two minutes and thirty seconds before the end of the second quarter. Despite conceding a goal in the second half of the game, the team ultimately won its last home game after scoring two more goals.

Senior Ben Richardson thinks it was an “amazing” game and believes that the team’s high energy, which was driven by the team’s many supporters in the crowds, resulted in their success.

“I’ve never had this many friends come out to support me and our team,” Richardson said. “I think their contribution to the atmosphere and the energy they created was a big reason for why we just destroyed our opponents, and I’d like to thank every single one of them.”

Senior Edin Kraja also appreciates the atmosphere the crowd created. He thinks the game was the “perfect way” to end his “unforgettable” career with the team.

“I thought it was just an amazing game all around,” Kraja said. “I think everybody was pumped up, and I feel like we want to end the season [on] with a high [note]. I know that every single person that went on the field gave it their all and played like it was the last game and that [is shown through] the result.” 

Both Richardson and Kraja are optimistic about the future of the MVHS Boys Soccer team, as Kraja finds that “there are a lot of high hopes for the young guys.” Richardson, who has been with the soccer team for four years, thinks the team “has a bright future.”

“We got freshmen playing on varsity already, and we got skillful players in junior varsity who are undefeated,” Richardson said. “With the culture that we created here, there’s a very bright future, and we just got to keep the energy up, mentality up, and we can turn Monta Vista into a school known for being good at soccer.”