COVID-19 through the years

MVHS community reflects on the impact of COVID-19 two years later


Jayanti Jha, Minjae Kang, and Riya Ravuri

In March 2020, classrooms were interrupted by the ping! of phones as a district-wide email announced the closure of school for three weeks following the rise of COVID-19 — a virus that had made its way to the U.S. Three weeks turned to three months, and then the remainder of the school year was announced to be conducted online. Although we were separated, we shared the experience of masks scattered throughout the house, parents asking us to rub down our groceries in Lysol, and hours-long Zoom calls. Eventually, when we got comfortable with the new normal, we were thrown back into the rigor of full-time in-person school. Almost two years after the first wave of COVID-19, its new variants remind us that although the virus has faded into a regular part of our daily lives, it is something that we will never forget. Read the thoughts of the MVHS community, who have now spent an entire semester in-person after two years of remote learning, right here.