Girls Basketball beats Fremont High School 45-34

Matadors remain undefeated in league with 6-0 record


Anna Jerolimov

Juniors Julianna Kimm and Varshini Peddinti guard an opponent from passing the ball to a teammate.

Varsity Girls Basketball defeated Fremont High School 45-34 on Wednesday, Jan. 26, maintaining its spot as first in the SCVAL El Camino league with a 6-0 record. The team led 25-21 before halftime, after which it further widened its lead to comfortably beat FHS by the end of the game. Sophomore and point guard Carolyn Ruan and junior Emi Kosakura scored 12 and nine points respectively.

During halftime, head coach Sara Borelli strategized with the team on how they could improve their play. This led MVHS to successfully push past FHS’s defenses during the third and fourth quarters, scoring multiple baskets. Junior and shooting guard Varshini Peddiniti, who supplied seven of the team’s total points, attributes the change in gameplay after halftime to this strategizing.

“During halftime, we [realized] that we were faltering a little and we weren’t [doing] our best,” Peddinti said. “So in the team room, we were discussing ways we can get better and [how we can] just reset our mindset and stay calm during the game. That really helped us bring the score back up.” 

While the Matadors managed to score 20 more points in the last two quarters, the players hope to further improve for future games. Ruan explains that although “a win is a win,” their team’s performance was better in previous games, specifically pointing to the fact that the team had previously defeated FHS with a wider point margin and a score of 55-31.

“We know we could’ve played better,” Ruan said. “We [played] better games earlier this season, where we were playing as a cohesive team. Today, we felt like we were out of sync.”

Although Peddinti agrees with Ruan, saying that the “game wasn’t [their] best game,” she concludes the Matadors were able to win the game by overcoming their mistakes.

“There were some turnovers or some missed shots, but I think we were able to recover and not let our mindset falter,” Peddinti said. “And we were able to come back and raise our score and make some more points.”