Varsity Field Hockey falls to Saint Francis High School 0-7

MVHS stays on defense throughout the game


Angela Zhang

Coach Eachus encourages the team during halftime.

Angela Zhang

After a tough game of constant defense, the Varsity Field Hockey team lost 0-7 to Saint Francis High School. During the first quarter, MVHS prevented SFHS from scoring, keeping the score at 0-0. Sophomore and defender Olivia Ho believes that active communication and coordination in the beginning helped the team keep up a strong defense.

In the second quarter, MVHS switched to offense and the team broke through SFHS’s defense to move towards the goal. However, unable to carry this momentum for long, MVHS fell back into defense without scoring. Sophomore and midfielder Alice Ross admits that they began to falter after the first quarter, causing the score to become 0-3 by halftime and 0-7 by the end of the game. Ross attributes the team’s loss to a gradual decline of energy and ineffective communication after the first quarter.


“[The result] was mainly [due to] the [lack of] talking [amongst teammates],” Ross said. “They scored a couple of goals and we…slowed down a bit and then they kept scoring and we kept slowing down.”

Despite the unfavorable result, Ho and Ross were both proud of their team’s exceptional performance against a strong team. 

“We’re definitely improving,” Ho said. “This was a tough game for us, but I’m proud that we kept our intensity up even [as] we got tired.”