Football falls 42-0 to Westmont in first game of the season

The Matadors attribute the loss to inexperienced players and tentative playing


Nika Zamani

The Varsity Football Team lost its season opener against Westmont High School 42-0.

Anushka De and Nika Zamani

After the Varsity Football Team conceded a touchdown to Westmont High School within the first couple minutes of the game, the rest of the game followed in a similar vein, with the score reaching 0-21 at halftime and the team concluding its first game of the season with a 42-0 loss, bringing its standing to 0-1- 0.

The team had aimed to play defensively first, setting the tone of the game, and then concentrate on offense, according to senior and team captain Priyansh Modi. In previous years, MVHS has defeated WHS, and Modi expected a win. Reflecting on the game, Modi attributes the loss to the fact that many of the players on the team are relatively new to football. 

“We had a lot of inexperienced players, and it was a wake-up call for us,” Modi said. “A lot of people were scared out there. I think this [was] their first time playing football and that’s really why we lost.”

Senior John Masegian, who plays linebacker and defensive tackle, agrees with Modi, and says insufficient effort during practice led to their loss. Going forward, Masegian believes the team needs to play with more “ferocity” and “want the win badly enough.”

Both Masegian and Modi cite a defensive stop during their first drive on offense as a highlight of the game. Ultimately, however, Modi believes the “scoreboard spoke for itself” and he is focused on improving the team’s performance going forward.

“We only go up from here,” Modi said. “0-42 was a pretty bad loss, so overall, we can improve in every asset.”