Boys Soccer: MVHS defeats Lynbrook High School 3-0

Varsity team continues their winning streak in the third game of the season


Nika Zamani

The Matadors congratulate one another after junior Shervin Jalilvand scores the first goal of the game during the first half.

Nika Zamani

The MVHS Varsity Boys Soccer team continued their winning streak with a final score of 3-0 against Lynbrook High School (LHS) on March 24. With a mindset centered on patience and diligence, the Matadors maintained their focus throughout the game, emerging with an aggressive offense that earned them possession of the ball for the majority of the time. 

Scoring the first goal of the game, junior Shervin Jalilvand was proud that the team was able to win most of the physical shoves on the field, especially since he wasn’t expecting a win against LHS. Jalilvand believes the tactic of looking big and intimidating helped him make the corner kick into a goal.

“I just jumped,” Jalilvand said. “Nobody [on their team] was taller than me and nobody was guarding me. By just jumping and making [myself] bigger, I was able to score.”


Captain and junior Ben Richardson credits this win to the extra effort the team put into being “strong, win[ning] headers and win[ning] all the 50/50 tackles.” Scoring the last goal of the game, Richardson ignored what he called the “dirty” playing by LHS and aimed to get the most out of all his shooting opportunities. 

“I always try to keep pressuring [the other team] and continuously stay on them,” Richardson said. “On [this] goal, I was making sure to do that and the ball just happened to hit off me.”

Jalilvand believes that the results of the game exceeded his expectations and Richardson adds the team gained a great boost of confidence for the remainder of the season.