“Notes on a Conditional Form” review

The 1975’s drops their latest album “NOACF”


Samuel Burgess Johnson

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

Released on May 22, “Notes on a Conditional Form” (NOACF) sits as The 1975’s fourth studio album. “Notes …” did more than I had initially anticipated. The 1975 built a lot of hype around the release of the album, with pre-releases over live streams and shows, to a trippy virtual site “Mindshower.ai” where they unpack the work behind NAOCF and their last tour. The album’s cover and artwork maintain a clean, simplistic look with black text over a tan background, but the music is so much more complex.

With 22 songs on the record, NOACF includes pre-released singles like “Guys,” “If You’re Too Shy,” “Frail State of Mind” and many more. Although they pre-released eight of the 22 songs and the entire album was leaked earlier this week, its structure makes the first and 15th listen equally pleasant, yet simultaneously, a task for your mind.

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