‘Kid Krow’: Conan Gray’s debut album surpasses expectations

A turned skeptic perspective on the singer songwriter's hard-hitting album

‘Kid Krow’: Conan Gray’s debut album surpasses expectations

Lakshanyaa Ganesh

Conan Gray is an artist from a small town in Texas known for hit singles like “Maniac” and “Crush Culture,” often compared to the likes of singer-songwriter Lorde. Now, as someone who views Lorde as royalty, I went into my first listens of his earlier singles with high expectations — and was immediately disappointed. 

Yes, I know, you large legion of Conan supporters will read this and immediately want to tweet up a storm about why I’m wrong. 

Hear me out. Something about the production and lyricism of his debut EP “Sunset Season” just didn’t click with me; the messaging in his songs seemed whiny and almost disingenuous. But, when I heard about his new premier album release, “Kid Krow,” I was immediately intrigued. Skimming over titles like “Affluenza” and “Fight or Flight,” paired with his own description of the album being almost diary-like, I’m willing to give him another chance. 

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