MVHS Swim: The Matadors host their annual senior night ceremony despite COVID-19 cancellations

With a planned meet against Los Gatos, the team had carried on with just the ceremony to highlight the 13 seniors on the team


Justine Ha

Following Lin was senior Bianca Youngyouth, who was dressed in the special senior tie-dye shirt and a pool float.

On March 13, members of the MVHS Swim team gathered by the pool deck after school to set up for the annual senior night ceremony. The 13 seniors joined their fellow teammates as they ran from the tennis courts to the pool where they were greeted by a human bridge. Despite not allowing spectators, MVHS Swim put together an intimate ceremony to honor all departing  seniors with a speech from various swim team members, as well as MVHS swim alumna, Roann Acott. View the gallery above to see more photos from the event.