Athlete of the Month: Anusha Pothenini


Stuti Upadhyay

Senior Anusha Pothineni was always a tall kid. Because of this, many people would suggest she play volleyball or basketball. Inspired by her cousin who also played volleyball, Pothineni eventually followed up on these suggestions in fifth grade. As Pothineni began devoting more time and
effort to the sport, she saw huge improvements in her game and gradually fell in love with volleyball. Especially in regards to MVHS volleyball, Pothineni loves being able to play and make memories with people she would typically never interact with if she wasn’t playing a sport. Earlier this year, Pothineni committed to playing Division 3 volleyball at New York University (NYU) next fall. NYU had always been Pothineni’s dream school because of its focus on both academics and sports, and she is extremely excited for her future. Pothenini also remarks, however, that the process to get into NYU was anything but easy. Throughout junior year, Pothinini would send college coaches emails every two weeks, updating them on her academic performance or sending them new volleyball videos — a time-consuming process. However, Pothineni claims it was all worth it when she got the offer from NYU, one she accepted without a second thought.