Updating their status

Seniors explain their decisions in whether or not to post about what college they will attend


Alyssa Hui

Graduating seniors from around the country commit to the college of their choice on May 1 or otherwise known as National College Decision Day.  Around this time, Facebook is flooded with status updates from many graduating seniors, informing their friends and families of where they plan to attend. However, there are also seniors who decide not to post where they will be in the upcoming year.

For example, senior Chris Lee, who will be attending community college, decided not to post where he was going.

“I feel like it’s not necessary to put stuff like that,” Lee said. “Even when I was in like high school or middle school people were like, ‘Oh, I’m going to Kennedy Middle School. I’m going to high school like my high school.’ I feel like that information doesn’t have to be out there. It’s like a privacy thing.”

Senior Priyasha Agarwal also decided not to post what college she committed to. Although she has committed to a school, Agarwal is still waiting to hear back from schools that she was waitlisted at, trying to remain hopeful.

“I’ve physically committed to a school, but I’m not mentally committed,” Agarwal said. “I know May 1 was College Apparel Day, and everybody was wearing [apparel], but I showed up in my Monta Vista t-shirt.”

However, Agarwal doesn’t know if she will post even once she knows where she will be attending for sure.

“I think it’s more [of an] in the moment thing because like, at first I thought I would definitely post if I knew for sure, but then I don’t know it might be like too late,” Agarwal said. “It might just be awkward to post so [I] might do it in the future, like once I’m at the college and just like put it into my bio, but like, I don’t know if I’m going to do it right away. We’ll see.”

Agarwal knows that some people choose not to post if they aren’t going to a school that is well-known because others won’t be familiar with it, but Agarwal doesn’t think that matters.

“At this point, a lot of people post about a lot of things and just the fact that we all like made it through high school and are going to college is a big achievement,” Agarwal said.

On the other hand, senior Nitya Kondapalli did update her status on where she will be going: Ohio State University. She explains that seeing everybody else posting made her want to also inform her friends and family of what college she had picked. She thinks that most people decide to post because of the hard work that was put in to get there throughout high school, whether or not they got in exactly where they wanted to or not.

“It’s like really fun to share where you’re going to because then everyone everyone can like congratulate you and then you just feel like, ‘Oh, I accomplished something’” Kondapalli said. “These past four years are worth something.”

Agarwal agrees, explaining that it makes people more excited about where they’re going.

“It’s just a way to get appreciation or, in a sense, be like recognized for your achievements throughout the past four years,” Agarwal said. “It kind of makes you feel better that people know where you’re going and it just kind of hypes you up before you go to college to be excited about it.”

Even though he decided not to post about where he will be attending, Lee explains that he is extremely proud when he sees his peers posting about what college they’re going to.

“For a lot of my friends, I’m really happy and I’m really proud of them that they got the opportunity to go somewhere so great,” Lee said. “And I’m really excited to see what’s gonna come from them.”