Meet the students of the annual GSA Panel

Profiles on the students who participated in the GSA Panel offered to Biology and Physiology classes

Dhruvika Randad

On May 13, the MVHS Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) hosted their weekly Monday lunch meeting to begin preparations for the annual GSA panel presented to Biology and Physiology classes, held on Friday, May 24. Beginning with an introduction, the panelists, who were GSA club members, each introduced themselves with their name, preferred pronouns, gender and sexual orientation as well as their coming out story. To help prepare the panelists, GSA officers and juniors Maya Tate, Nathan Lee and senior Stephen Migdal provided a variety of feedback, ensuring that the speakers were comfortable on the panel and informative for the classes.

“Speak loud and talk purposefully,” Tate said, providing tips and feedback on presentation. “Be confident … and aware that you are going to be coming out to the entirety of your class.”

With up to four panelists of different identities each period, GSA plans to open up to a greater orientation spectrum through the panel, answering a list of pre-planned and spontaneous questions on the LGBTQ+ community.

Check out this infographic to view the panelists’ biographies: