Into the Spider-Verse with the MVHS Class of ‘22

Freshmen class office hosts its second movie night


Sreya Kumar and Brandon Ng

On March 23, the freshmen class office hosted its second movie night. Due to the large success of their previous event, 2022 class officers chose to repeat the experience once again to encourage freshmen to bond. The movie of choice was “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.” Although this turnout was smaller than that of the previous movie night, the class officers still saw what they had hoped for: the class of 2022 hanging out and enjoying themselves.

“We thought of it as a stress release,” freshman class officer Ojas Karnavat said. “I think the aim is just for people to have a fun time and enjoy, plus [we] have fun hanging out.”

Originally, the idea of movie nights offered a chance for everyone to get together. Since the success of their first trial, it’s evolved into a place where the environment is just as carefree as the officers hoped it would be, with the added treats of free pizza.

“We care a lot about our class and we want them to have a lot of fun,” freshman class officer Ajit Chamraj said. “So, we’re always thinking of ways to let them have a good time. This [was] one idea that we thought was good and it worked. It’s chill, low key.”

Despite the lack of bonding nights for other classes, the freshmen class officers are confident that these sort of events are what their class needs.

“[Our] basic idea was [we] do whatever we think is best for our class,” Karnavat said. “We [haven’t seen] what other classes have done. We’ll take ideas, but we’ll do what we feel is the best and what our class likes the most.”