Movie night with ‘22

Freshman class officers host their first bonding event

Sreya Kumar and Brandon Ng

Full crowds. Empty pizza boxes. A sudden drop-out. While the Class of 2022 hosted their movie night, the class officers watched freshmen come together. However, behind the success, there was a scramble.

As the class officers had planned it, they would play “Crazy Rich Asians” at the movie night, with various clubs selling pizza and boba as part of their own separate fundraisers. Shortly before the event, however, two clubs backed out, leaving the class officers with no choice but to find another way to get food.

“[The clubs] couldn’t get the stuff in time,” 2022 class officer Ajit Chamraj said. “It was a couple days before [and] we didn’t really see it coming. We just decided to do the pizza ourselves and sell soda instead. We sold out of pizza.”

Despite the mishaps before the event, the movie night was a success, according to Chamraj. They only expected 50 freshmen to attend, but over 100 showed up for the movie night.

“We heard [in] previous years that they had movie nights, [there was] a really low turnout,” 2022 class officer Arnav Doshi said. “Now that we know how many freshmen are actually going to be coming to these kinds of events, I think we know how much food we need to order [and] what we need to do.”

Doshi attributes the success turnout to the nature of the freshman class, saying that they are more of a “social class” that enjoys bonding events. According to freshman Devin Gupta, the Class of 2022 had a very positive response to the event, both in the survey responses the Class Officers received and social media posts that went up afterward.

“Everyone thought it was really fun,” Gupta said. “On Instagram, there [were] tons of posts just looking through my Instagram feed. Seeing that people thought it was really cool was really inspiring to me.”

Chamraj said that after the event freshmen came up to him, asking for a monthly repeat of these events. The class officers say that this may be a real possibility. After dealing with the issues from the first, they are looking for options for their next event.

“[The movie night] was a really successful freshman bonding event,” Gupta said. “A lot of people showed up. Not only that, but when I was there, my friends were all connecting. I really felt happy that everyone around me felt together.”