Class of 2019 levels up

How Alisha Gao made the 2019 class sweatshirt


Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Jai Uparkar

Unlike previous years, the MVHS class of 2019 did not vote from a variety of other designs when deciding their class apparel this year. Instead, 2019 class officers chose senior Alisha Gao to design their class apparel because of her experience with designing. Gao also created last year’s apparel: No Limit. When she was asked by the officers, Gao was taken aback and felt honored to design the last class apparel 2019 would own. Gao was given one month to create and finalize a design.

On the back of the sweatshirt, the words “Level Up” are an allusion to a song the senior class danced to in their homecoming skit. She incorporated other elements from the class of 2019’s past homecoming rally and games, like icons on the back of sweatshirts that symbolize each homecoming theme. She also mentions losing homecoming was a difficult event for the seniors to get through, and how that idea also inspired her design.

“I feel like as a class, we’re really competitive, more competitive [than other classes], and definitely in Powderpuff,” Gao said.”We like to be competitive. I just liked the idea we’re leveling up no matter what we do.”


View the timeline below to see Gao’s progress.