Rain or shine: 2019 Women’s March

San Jose hosts the third annual Women’s March

Ruth Feng and Gauri Kaushik

Protest songs and chanting fill the air. People of all ages and genders gather with smiles on their faces, but the homemade signs they hold show the disdain that has brought them to this event.

One says, “I want my country back.”

Another says, “Democracy is dying.”

A teenage girl holds, “Stay loud.” Despite recent controversy in the press surrounding anti-Semitic comments made by Women’s March organizers Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez, President of Women’s March Bay Area Jenny Higgins Bradanini addressed the issue by announcing, “Hate has no place here. Anti-semitism has no place here,” which was met by unanimous cheering. Watch the video below to hear marchers’ thoughts about the turnout and the recent controversies.