Boys Soccer: The tie against Fremont HS


The MVHS boys varsity soccer team huddle up together just before the start of the game. Photo by Justine Ha.

Justine Ha and Tina Low

On Jan. 9, the MVHS varsity boys soccer team faced Fremont HS in its seventh match of the season. While it was a rainy and chilly day on the field, the team carried on even with the poor weather conditions. The game went back and forth during the first half, concluding with MVHS in the lead, but during the second half, FHS managed to tie the game at 2-2.

From the first whistle, both teams were neck-and-neck and there were multiple missed goal attempts from each side. Despite the somewhat fast tempo, MVHS’ clear communication aided them with scoring their first goal — senior and captain Youssef Khater managed to score just 14 minutes into the game. However, this lead was short lived as FHS scored a minute after.

MVHS answered back, scoring again 36 minutes into the game, securing a score of 2-1 at the end of the first half. According to senior Soham Mukherjee, this lead throughout the first half boosted MVHS confidence, making it easier for FHS to push forward and score again.

Senior Soham Mukherjee sprints and dribbles the ball down the field during the second half. Photo by Justine Ha.

“The first half, I think the first 15 minutes, we played really well,” Mukherjee said. “After we [scored], we relaxed and they just kept on pressuring. I think that’s when we started to give them more chances.”

As the game progressed, MVHS picked up the pace as players grew conscious of the need for stronger defense in order to keep their lead. Despite their momentum heading into the second half, FHS scored seven minutes into the second half, tying the game once again.

Although the Matadors won their previous match to Gunn with a score of 1-0, junior and goalie Brandon Guo says the team could make some improvements to be successful in future matches.

“I think the big problem in the last game [against Gunn] was that we had a little bit of energy,” Guo said. “We lost a little bit of energy but I think the home field helped us and we were able to play the full 80 minutes.”

Similarly, senior and captain Avi Libman reflects on the previous match against Gunn and this match against FHS.

“I think [the team could improve on] communication and just effort in general, even though we kind of only put more effort into the second half,” Libman said. “I think we definitely communicated better and that’s what we needed from the Gunn game.”