MVHS Future Business Leaders of America’s upcoming events

Hannah Lee and Alyssa Hui

MVFBLA officers introduced the upcoming projects for this year at a lunch meeting in C110 on Dec. 6. Director of American Enterprise Projects and junior William Yang began by explaining a new workshop that will take place next semester. MVFBLA will be partnering with some of the  technology clubs on campus, including Hack and C++, to host an internal technology program to teach members, as well as the student body, the basics of coding. In addition, members will learn how to incorporate their knowledge of technology with business.

“We thought that everyone should have at least the basics of knowing how to code and use technology,” Yang said. “We’re going to be holding a series of workshops and each one will be teaching different aspects like how to code iOS apps using Swift or websites using HTML. We’re basically providing students with the technological background and teaching them how to implement that into a business.”

Another event that MVFBLA will host next semester is an internship program in partnership with the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, as well as the FBLA clubs at other FUHSD schools. Through this program, the officers hope to connect high school students looking for internships with small companies and startups that are looking for help. Students will also learn the skills they need to be successful in an internship.

“Not only would this provide them with knowledge and skills for the future, but it would also provide companies with some reassurance that students know what they’re doing,” Yang said. “After the program, we’re going to be holding an internship fair where students can meet individually meet companies.”

Asides from their workshops, Vice President of Projects and junior Pratya Poosala explained that the officers have started a series of community service events. Together with Ohana, they have held several meetings to help the special needs students on campus by allowing them to feel more integrated into the community through their interactions with MVFBLA students. MVFBLA members plan different events for each meeting to teach the students business in a fun manner.

“In the first workshop, we taught them how to tie a tie and in the second one, they got to fill out these cut-out bow ties with ideas they had for businesses,” Poosala said. “As a culminating event of the project, we want to put up all of the students’ work and make it a social event, kind of like Cure Cancer Cafe.”

With these events that will take place during the second semester, the officers hope to provide students with more opportunities to engage with business.