A legacy left in the comic books

Students speak on Stan Lee’s legacy following his death


Tabitha Mendez, Keshav Taneja, and

On Nov. 12, the comic industry lost a legend — Stan Lee — who passed at 95 years old. Lee’s legacy will live on through his beloved Marvel characters, ranging from the Avengers to Spider-Man. Lee has worked with Marvel for a majority of his life, including his well-known cameos in almost every Marvel movie. Many fans were saddened by Lee’s death and showed their appreciation for his work across social media.

Junior Arvind Jagdish is a superhero connoisseur as he has been reading comic books from both Marvel and DC since his childhood. Consequently, Lee’s passing was emotional for him.

“A lot of his work was big in my life especially when I was younger and even now I think he’s been one of the most influential figures of the century,” Jagdish said. “It hit me hard. It was a big deal, he was pretty publicly involved so we’re definitely going to notice that he is gone.”

Similarly, Lee’s work played an impactful role in senior Daisy Pimentel’s life, as she grew to be a great admirer of Lee’s work. Pimentel first started to notice her love for Marvel movies in eighth grade, and over time her appreciation for Lee’s work grew. For Pimentel, her love for Marvel extended beyond the screen, as it allowed her to become friends with people who appreciated the movies as much as she did.

“Lee’s work was able to make people connect with each other easily,” Pimentel said. “This has happened to me with my one of friends. I knew who he was since middle school but got closer to him once we found out we both liked Marvel.”

Even those who weren’t as invested in Marvel comics and movies understand Lee’s impact, including junior Revan Aponso, who appreciated newer hits like “Black Panther.”

“Marvel was such an iconic franchise and he was an iconic figure,” Aponso said. “I wasn’t crying, but of course I was sad because he died … The man led a good life and he left an everlasting legacy.”