IASA’s plans for the year

Shuvi Jha

IASA, which stands for Indo-American Student Association, held its first meeting of the year on Sept. 20 in room E201. The room was abuzz with rounds of laughter, as students from different racial backgrounds played a friendly game of Bollywood Kahoot. Samosas were passed out at the end of the lunch period, and as individuals exited the club meeting, they did so with grins on their face and a deeper understanding of the Indian culture.

To club president and junior Divya Suresh, this promotion of Indian culture is, in essence, the purpose of IASA.

“Here at IASA, we want to communicate Indian culture to the entire school, student body, staff members,” Suresh said. “One of the main ways we do this is through Spotlight and also other little things around Diwali and other festivals.”

Although the club has long been known for hosting its annual show Spotlight, this year, its officer team is trying something different. To learn more about IASA’s goals, officers and upcoming events, look through the infographic below.