Restaurant Roulette: Yas Restaurant

Maggie McCormick and Kat Pappas

Twice a month, El Estoque goes to restaurants around the area and takes a chance by asking the waiter to suggest food for us to try. This week, we continued the alphabetical theme by going to Yas Restaurant in San Jose.

Yas Restaurant is a Persian restaurant on Saratoga Road in a plaza that looks at least a decade old. Although the restaurant is small, it is still the biggest establishment there. The doors are shaped as if it was the entrance to the inside of a ship, with a circular window and painted a dark blue color. However, the interior looks nothing like the exterior. Once inside, the walls are covered with Persian rugs, and each table has a fake chrysanthemum flower in a small white vase. We arrived at 2 p.m., so we were seated immediately.

Overall, the service was quick and professional with enjoyable food. Though there were a few issues with the levels of seasoning in select dishes, they were forgivable and did not majorly detract from the experience at Yas Restaurant.

Overall rating: 8/10